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If you are a fan of Yemeni cuisine and you wanna have the real authentic experience to eat and enjoy the best Yemeni dishes in the exact traditional way, POCO's local advisor got you covered on this. In Besbas you can eat in the most traditional way ever "Eat like Arabs." YES enjoy your food while sitting on the floor and eating exactly like the locals. Besbas has special sections where you can eat on the floor and feel the traditions of the locals. Let's starts with the Zurbian a traditional Yemeni dish (a little similar to Biryani), where the rice is cooked with the Chicken or Meat and the potato all together to give it its unique taste. They also serve the famous Madfoon, where the Chicken or Meat is wrapped in banana leaves while being cooked. The banana leaves will absorb the rancid and will help the cooking process. They have a really good Mandi that you don't wanna miss. If you make it at breakfast time they also have a wide selection of traditional Yemeni breakfast. Ask for the Lahsa eggs. Before you leave order your Yemeni Tea and don't miss out on their desserts like Masoub Al Malaki, Fattet Tamer & Yemeni Kunafa.$$$$$
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