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Diverse in our Faiths. Common in our Humanity. Together in Peace.Abrahamic Family House
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The Abrahamic Family House welcomes people to connect, explore, and reflect. We serve to deepen understanding of our common humanity through mutual dialogue, exchange of knowledge, and the practice of faith. The Abrahamic Family House welcomes visitors and offers a range of experiences, from tours to immersive journeys of understanding. Visitors are invited to experience each of the three houses of worship and discover the key tenets of each Abrahamic faith. Make sure to visit The Forum. It's a unique space for sharing, celebrating, and connecting as well as a place to join classes, discussions, and other educational events. All visitors, regardless of their faith, are welcome to experience public worship services.$$$$$ Local Attraction
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Abrahamic Family House - Jacques Chirac Street - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates
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