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Dishes originating from tried-and-true recipesL'Eto
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While a lot has changed since L’ETO opened its first Caffe in 2011 in London – the L’ETO team has grown and expanded internationally, along with a thriving on-line store; titillating new ingredients fill our shelves, even bigger platters hold even taller displays of food – the core, essentially, has never changed. L’ETO philosophy remains the same. The philosophy that blends the heart and mind of nutritious and healthy dining complemented by palatable variety of desserts that few mortals can resist. Such key ingredients of L’ETO bloom as our staff members who’ve been together for many years, dishes originating from tried-and-true recipes, our distinctive cakes, flavorsome regional breakfast choices and a la carte menu allow us to continue bringing pleasure and delights to our wonderful customers.$$$$$ Desserts

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Ground Floor, Al Ain Mall, Kuwaitat, Al Ain
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